NHS Dental Services

The NHS Dental services has undergone many changes in the last 10 years altering the way dentists work and are funded. In particular Dentists have found it increasingly difficult to maintain and improve standards as a result of these changes.

We always hope to provide an NHS service to our patients but in order to offer a greater choice to our patients we offer a comprehensive list of private treatments to our patients.

We believe that patients want to pick the best they can afford, so long as they can perceive the value. Please contact or telephone us for costs on any treatments.

Plans & Insurances

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This is one affordable way to cap your dental fees and ensure that you are completely clear about your dental payments. Denplan is the largest and most experienced company in the field, and we are proud to be a Denplan accredited practice.

NHS Treatment

Warrington Smile Studio also accepts NHS patient so please do not be afraid to book an appointment if you are covered and aproximate by the NHS. If you are unsure about potential costs please don’t hesitate to call us and we will give you an apporximate cost for any works.


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