Having endured unstable, misaligned front teeth with a large gap for some time and becoming increasingly aware of their appearance. I was fortunate enough to find the Warrington Smile Clinic. Dr Hussain put me at ease immediately.

Taking time to explain the options, I was most impressed by his friendly professional approach and the honesty of his explanations. Apprehension of the treatment had made me put up with unsightly teeth for far too long.

The whole experience has been a very positive one and I am delighted with the result.

I would not hesitate to consult Dr Hussain again.

Lynne WarrenNov 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all the staff at Warrington Smile Clinic especially Dr Sabar Hussain. For many years i had been so self conscious about my teeth and would never smile.

I was a very nervous patient but from the very first visit i was immediately put at ease, by staff and Dr Hussain, i was made to feel special from start to finish and the final results are fantastic, my new teeth have transformed my face.

I now smile with confidence.


Very relaxing treatment felt at ease all the way through! All matters discussed throughout thoroughly.

Recommend to anybody who is uncomfortable with their appearance, end result excellent!


These implants are great! They look and feel natural and worth every penny. Would do it again like a shot, hardly felt or had any pain at all. Much better than I had expected and it feels great to be rid of the horrid denture.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr S Hussain for his gentleness and consideration to put me at ease throughout this long treatment, well worth it.

Mrs P Attwood

I Just wanted to send you a note to say how impressed i have been with the practice. I have been treated by Stephen Bilsborrow and am delighted with the results.

I would certainly recommend your practice to anyone looking for private treatment, all of the staff have been great particularly Stephen and the dental nurse.

Thanks Very Much.


When i was told that my tooth could not be saved, because of the decay in the root (this tooth supported a bridge) my first thought was “i cant be seen with a huge gap, nor can i wear a denture!! The only way forwarded as far as i was concerned was an implant. I did some research on implants and their cost and was shocked, i needed 2 implants and thought the dreaded denture was back on the agenda. A friend recommended Dr Sabar Hussain to me and i made an appointment to have a consultation with him.

I was overjoyed and relieved to find out his implants were affordable, my mind was made up since he had explained the procedure. Aft6er having all the necessary x rays i had my implants appointment, i was met by Dr Hussain and his staff all dressed in surgical attire, he explained this is an essential part of the procedure to maintain the operations clean and sterile.

Dr Hussain assured me that I wouldn’t feel a thing and he was right, i was back in work the next day after a few follow up appointments it was about 12 weeks later i had my bridge fitted to the implants, and i am delighted with the result.


I was relieved to find that the initial injections were easy to take after that the operation was straight forward. Mr Hussain explained what he was going to do and the dental nurses worked quickly as the procedure continued. I decided to close my eyes throughout and that helped me to be more relaxed. In fact i was surprised when Mr Hussain said he was almost finished because the time seem to pass so quickly.

It was reassuring that there was no need even for paracetamol in the hours afterwards. I had a restful afternoon and as the anesthetic wore off the gum healed in exactly the way the Mr Hussain had described, I used salt mouthwashes. Although the procedure is called an “operation” ir seemed to be only slightly more uncomfortable than some of the dental work on fillings which i remembered from years ago.

Pat Arnold

I have always been unhappy with my front teeth, so after a routine check up i asked Mr Hussain if he could give me a “new smile”. He explained the various options available and talked me through what he thought the best option to suit me.

The treatment involved making my front teeth considerably smaller and the fitting of veneers, I can say that after the initial pinprick of the needle to deaden my top gum i felt very little sensation during the treatment. I am delighted with the results and would like to thank Mr Hussain for his skill and expertise.

I now look forward to the future with my “new smile”.


For those who follow and who might have reservations about undergoing this procedure, I have set down my experience. Following the failure of a large bridge. I decided that the most viable long term option was to go for 2 implants. From youth I have had a horror of the thought of dentures and whilst still expensive, the procedure was within my financial capabilities.

Following a preparatory whole jaw X-ray a week or so beforehand. I turned up to the surgery. As expected the first part of the procedure was the use of local anesthetic to numb the area to be treated. As the surgery is rather more invasive than normal after 10 minutes he state of numbness was checked and a little more administered to ensure the whole area was anesthetized.

The dental surgery itself was rather more elaborately set out and the dentist and nurse dressed in surgical gear and masks. For this particular session a colleague of the dentist was present and another nurse to observe. The procedure from my point of view was remarkable. There was no pain and i confess to almost falling asleep at one point, once the implants were installed and my gum stitched up that was that and i walked out of the surgery quite normally.

Professor John Dover

As a child i had very bad experiences with dentists i also suffered from a fear of dentists feeling very anxious and physically sick from walking in the reception door I have actually jumped out of the dentist chair and ran away.

Mr Hussain was very caring and supportive from the first appointment, listening to my concerns and reassuring me throughout the treatment. He has never removed a tooth and over the years he has worked relentlessly to maintain my own teeth with fillings and upgraded unsuitable caps and crowns to prolong the need for dentures, I was so frustrated at times I would ask him to extract them all and give me dentures, Thankfully he refused this and remained positive in treatment he offered.

Recently, because i have had caps on my front teeth for over 20 years the root cracked and I was no longer able to replace the crown, i was devastated by this as whenever I smiled or talked all that was visible was a large gap which upset me, Mr Hussain promptly made me dentures to address this which were fine but i found it very difficult to adapt to them, the whole experience affected my confidence and self esteem so much so that i would not go out socially and found it hard to smile.

I asked Mr Hussain about the option of implants and he was very knowledgeable and realistic about the possibility of this treatment he explained the various options and price plans and gave me many opportunities to question the treatment including several discussions with my husband, he answered our questions with patience giving us constant alternatives and at no time did we feel pressurised in any way to go forward with any particular treatment plan, and paying by instalment really helped us out.

The finished result is a smile which I could never believe possible. My new teeth look healthy and white and most astonishingly natural, They feel comfortable and i am able to eat, smile and laugh with confidence for the first time I can remember, the positive affect it has had on me and my family members is great as I now feel happier and am more outgoing, to call this treatment “life changing” is no exaggeration. I would highly recommend Mr Hussain and his staff to anyone, his consultations, treatment and aftercare meet exceptional standard.